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Esperanza plans to obey her parents and marry the wealthy Don Raúl, until a charming street boy makes her doubt everything she thought she wanted. As revolution looms, she must decide if Mexico's freedom is worth the price of her own.


A HERO'S HOPE (Book 2)

There are fates worse than death. Being forced to watch the woman you love marry the man you hate is one of them.


Artie always knew that Esperanza was out of his league. The beautiful daughter of a wealthy landowner, she sees him beyond his ragged clothes and lack of social status. But unfortunately, Esperanza’s parents are not so open-minded. Blinded by money, they are determined to marry her to the ruthless Don Raúl regardless of her feelings on the matter.


Artie has to find a way to save her, or he will lose her forever. But standing up against the Don will earn him a warrant for his own execution. There is only one way to stop Raúl from using his life as a bargaining chip to force Esperanza’s hand... but will Artie have the strength to go through with it?

Sofia's Freedom.jpg

Sofia's Freedom (Book 3)

For seven months, Esperanza and Artie have lived in wedded bliss on their little farm, reveling in the success of Artie’s music career. Married life has been kind to them. Experience has taught them to keep an eye out for danger, but no such threats appear—not even from Don Raúl, Esperanza’s jilted fiancé.


However, their peace is not destined to last. When Artie receives an invitation to perform at a wealthy doña’s social event in a nearby city, he finds the extra money impossible to refuse. Promising to return soon, he leaves his pregnant wife behind—but Esperanza quickly realizes that Artie is walking straight into danger, and there’s nothing she can do to warn him.


As bloody revolution erupts all around her, Esperanza must face her worst nightmares if she is to survive. Alone and terrified, her salvation comes in an unlikely form... but will she be able to accept it, knowing that her beloved musician will never be able to fulfill his promise?

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