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Welcome to my professional editing services!

I am a traditionally published author with three novels released into the wild so far, all in hardback, paperback, large print and e-book, where they are sitting proudly on the shelves of all major bookstores around the globe. It’s a wonderful feeling, and I want to help other authors to share their stories with the world too.

While I have worked with a few established authors in a range of fiction and non-fiction genres, both traditionally and self-published, I especially enjoy working with writers at the start of their careers and have been proud to see some of those I’ve helped achieve agent representation and publishing contracts. All writers have to start somewhere, and I want to share that journey with you!

I have an MA in education, specializing in teaching English, and a BA in English Literature. I am experienced in editing both fiction and non-fiction, and offer a range of professional services to help you polish up your writing before it goes out into the big wide world. These services include copy editing, developmental editing, editorial assessment, proofreading and reviewing query letters, and I can also provide sensitivity reading services upon request.


I am currently offering discounted services to build up my new profile on Fiverr, as I finally have some time to take on a few clients on a freelance basis, so please do contact me if you want to take advantage of this discount while it lasts!

My Editing Style

In regards to my style, I am a real stickler for detail. I love the editing tasks everyone else hates, and take pride in painstakingly combing through manuscripts sentence by sentence and offering advice to improve the tone, fluency, characterization and more. I am especially good at dialogue and character development, and will help you to identify and fix any little passages that don’t quite work until your manuscript is gleaming and ready to go.

My preferred style is friendly, positive and encouraging, and I like to pick out the things I love about your manuscript as well as helping you to improve the bits that need work. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I will always do a thorough job of your manuscript, offering both corrections on things that you need to fix (such as incorrect grammar and typos) and my own optional suggestions for improvement. I can be as brutal or as encouraging as you need me to be!

Updates can be done however you like, and as frequently as you like (within reason). I prefer email communication but am also happy to have video calls with you to discuss your work if you prefer. I’m very flexible.

In terms of language, I’m a British author with a Canadian publishing house and a primarily American reader base, so I’m happy to work with whichever version of English you prefer. I have experience of beta-reading, proofreading and editing for all three. Just let me know at the time.

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