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Latest News!

'The Musician's Promise Series' is now available in audiobook format!

Narrated by the fantastic Raquel Beattie, "Artie's Courage" is now brought to life in audiobook format. Available now from Amazon / Audible!

The Musician's Promise Series


A courageous farm girl's life is changed forever when she falls in love with a charming street musician, opening her eyes to the cruel mistreatment of Mexico's mine workers and compelling her to stand with them against their oppressor - the man she is marrying.


Esperanza lives a charmed life. The daughter of a wealthy landowner, her family is thrilled when she attracts the attention of the handsome and mysterious Don Raúl, opening the door to a glittering life of opulence for them all.


However, a chance encounter with a charming street musician forces Esperanza to open her eyes to the cruel underworld of Mexico's mistreated working classes, and she begins to doubt everything she ever thought she wanted.


As the people begin to rise up in a bloodthirsty revolution against their oppressors, Esperanza is forced to make choices that she hoped never to face. Esperanza's decisions threaten to tear apart her family, her heart, and the country she loves.


In this brutal world where a few careless words can cost lives, will the price of freedom prove to be more than she is willing to pay?

Led by strong female characters, THE MUSICAN'S PROMISE series turns the common damsel in distress trope on its head. Based on real historical events, this thrilling page-turner is a story of love and courage in the face of adversity, following the characters on an emotional journey through laughter, tears, passion, and heartbreak.

Click on the images below to find out more about each of the books in THE MUSICIAN'S PROMISE SERIES!

Book One

Artie's Courage


Book Two

A Hero's Hope


Book Three

Sofia's Freedom

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Meet the Author

Rachel is the author of ARTIE’S COURAGE, A HERO’S HOPE, and SOFIA’S FREEDOM. 

Rachel and her family live a quiet life on her home island of Guernsey, where she enjoys teaching sign language, singing, reading, and writing. Rachel has a degree in English Literature and specialized in literature from other cultures, post-colonial, 19th century, and gothic literature.

In The Musician's Promise, Rachel wants to challenge harmful stereotypes, proving that women can be powerful heroes and that men should never feel ashamed to express their emotions. She aims to write characters that readers can identify and empathize, who make the reader think, laugh, and cry as they share their adventures.


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