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Sofia's Freedom

Book Three of The Musician's Promise Series


“Open your eyes, señora. This world is not ours any more. The tide has turned. We can embrace it and ride the waves, or give up and let it wash us away. But there is another option, if we’re brave enough to choose it. We can sail away together to start a life of our own, far away from all the blood and the tears. I’m offering you a chance to start again.”

Everyone is fighting for something. Freedom for their country. Freedom from oppression. Freedom to be with the one they love. Esperanza considers her battle won- she is married to the man she loves, they have a baby on the way, and everything seems to have turned out better than she could have ever hoped. But freedom comes in many forms, and while Esperanza is happy to have found her own, she soon realises that it comes at a cost.

When Artie leaves Santa Sofia to play at a wealthy doña’s party, Esperanza expects him to return within a few days. She doesn’t count on a revolution breaking out in the meantime, or her husband getting caught up in a bloodthirsty attack on the doña’s villa. But then an old enemy from her past arrives with terrible news, and Esperanza is forced to face the fact that her beloved Artie may never come home again.


Experience tells her that Don Raúl cannot be trusted. After all that has happened between them, why should Esperanza believe anything he says? But something is different this time. Raúl has lost everything. He comes to her as a changed man, reformed by his grief and desperate to make amends. As she begins to see a side of him that she never previously knew existed, Esperanza must decide if his offer to save her and her child are genuine or just another way of manipulating her.


What is the real reason behind Don Raúl’s return to Santa Sofia? What is the great secret he has been hiding all this time? And if her instincts are right and things are not all as they seem, can Esperanza work out what really happened to her husband? 


Sofia’s Freedom is the third book in The Musician’s Promise series, bringing Artie and Esperanza’s fight for freedom to a heart-pounding conclusion. Based on real historical events, this action-packed romance is full of twists and turns that promise to keep you guessing until the very last page.

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