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A Hero's Hope

Book Two of The Musician's Promise Series

“The whole pueblo is buzzing about how Artie saved you. It doesn’t take a genius to work out what would drive a man to risk his life like that. Or what would prompt a woman to protect him in return, when she could have run away and saved herself instead.”

Gossip travels fast. When news of Artie’s heroic sacrifice reaches the town, it’s all anyone can talk about- and it’s not long before the news reaches Don Raúl’s ears. Knowing that his future wife is in love with his sworn enemy only seems to spur on Raúl’s determination to cement their engagement, and Esperanza soon finds herself caught in the middle of a high-stakes power struggle between her beloved hero and the man she is supposed to be marrying.

Refusing to be used as a pawn in Don Raúl’s game, Esperanza must find a way to win back her own freedom before Artie loses his. But freedom comes at a price, and Esperanza soon discovers that she will need to make sacrifices if she wants to save the man she loves. She will do whatever it takes, even if it means giving up one thing she hoped never to lose- Artie himself.

A Hero’s Hope is the thrilling sequel to Artie’s Courage, and the second book in The Musicians Promise series. Join Esperanza and Arturo as they fight for the right to be together, with plenty of swashbuckling action, heartbreaking romance and characters you can’t help falling in love with. As revolution sweeps across Mexico, families are divided and alliances broken... but as social boundaries begin to crumble, could love be the one thing that survives all the chaos?

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